GPEA Outstanding Teachers 2019

2019 GPEA Outstanding Teacher Award

2019 GPEA Outstanding Teacher Honorees

GPEA honored 15 teachers this year.  There were close to 100 nominations for this first time award.  The committee made the tough decisions to pick one person per school.

The 2019 winners are:

Marti Steiner-GP North

Meaghan Dunham-GP South

Margaret Rose-Brownell

Andrea Gruenwald-Parcells

Heather Albrecht-Pierce

Karen Krausmann-Barnes

Janette High-Defer

Sharon Gallacher-Ferry

Adam Price-Kerby

Christina Pearson-Maire

Tracy Gillette-Mason

Vickie Pascoe-Monteith

Lori Woznicki-Poupard

Sue Schmitz-Richard

Rebecca Golus-Trombly