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Giant Map visits Ferry Elementary 

Scott Cooper’s 7th grade social studies fund raiser to help the Doctors Without Borders was a success.  Our goal was to raise $1000.  Today he is happy to send $3880 to this organization.Mr. Cooper did not want the kids to just go home and beg you for money.  He wanted them to work for it.  He wanted them to do something extra around the house to earn the money to donate. Scott surveyed his classes and most students raised their hand to indicate they did something extra to earn the money.  Some returned bottles, some babysat, and some did extra chores around the house or for grandparents.

Because they raised the $1000 Scott promised the students they could choose a torture for him to do.  Since they went above and beyond Scott let them pick two: Scott taught in a blow up sumo wrestler suit, and is currently growing a beard.


Brian Stackpoole named Teacher of the Year by Digital Arts Film and Television, the organization responsible for the Michigan Student Film Festival, the nation’s longest running student film festival.  Stackpoole was nominated by peers and former students.  He received the award at the Michigan Youth Arts Festival on May 13, 2016.   “We give students an opportunity in this district to experience TV production and the arts that is rivaled at the college level,” said Stackpoole during a recognition at the Board of Education meeting on May 9, 2016.  “it’s very impressive what we do every single day, not just in the classroom, but throughout the whole school district.”

Laura Mikesell and Lois Valente at their final school board meeting in June, 2016.  GPEA thanks you for your service to GPPS.

valente mikesell june 2016

GPEA members Carla Palffy (Parcells Counselor) and Jennifer Sherman (North Counselor)  received an award for their work in the RAMP program at Parcells .

palffy sherman 2016

ardis herrold

North teacher is the heart & soul of earth science  Ardis Herrold honored with the Art Weinle MESTA Award.