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MIP and Basic Retirement Information from March 1, 2017 workshop. Earnings in retirement    ORS health insurance    ORS Preparing to apply for retirement information   Social Security Information    Working after retirement   Earning Limits Information  2016 Retirement and Pension Benefit Chart

Defined Contribution Retirement Information from March 2, 2017 workshop.   Defined Member Contribution Retirement Information   NEW HIRE RETIREMENT OPTIONS Click on link for a 1 page description of retirement options for new teachers.

AUTO INSURANCE: Blue Cross Blue Shield is the primary payor for health services if you are in an auto accident.  If in the past you added the rider to your auto policy which made auto the primary payor, you can cancel this rider.  This will likely reduce your auto insurance rates.  If your insurance carrier requests a letter verifying this change contact GPPS benefits. 

HEALTH ENROLLMENT LAW CHANGE: Due to a change in the law (effective 9-1-14):   Employee + one child is no longer considered family coverage.  As of this date Employee + Child will now be at the 2-Person rate.  Employee + more than one child is charged the family rate.  Employee + Spouse (no children) is charged the 2-Person rate + $600 Spousal Surcharge.  A spouse that has primary insurance through their own employer can be added to GP Insurance as secondary coverage (Coordination of Benefits) and is NOT charged the $600 spousal surcharge.

FLEXIBLE SPENDING ACCOUNTS: Eligible FSA health care expenses can include but are not limited to:  Deductibles + Co-pays + Office visit co-pays + Well baby care + Immunizations + Psychologists + Physical Therapy + Chiropractors + Orthodontics + Eye exams + Glasses / Contacts + Hearing Exam / Hearing Aid + Rx co-pay + Acupuncture.  FLEXIBLE SPENDING ACCOUNTS RECEIPTS: Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA) receipts should be kept for 7 years.  An Explanation of Benefits (EOB) is the best way to document FSA expenditures. 

LIFE INSURANCE:  NEA Life Insurance Program you need to have a beneficiary on file.

Educators Employment Liability (ELL) Program   NEA information regarding ELL Program If you are involved in any situation, which you believe is covered by the ELL Program, notify your GPEA President.

EMPLOYEE ASSISTANCE PROGRAM:  Ulliance – Ulliance provides  confidential assistance with any type of personal problem or work-life challenge.  This service is paid for by GPPS.  1-800-448-8326  ULLIANCE Website



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GPEA Contract 2017-2018 Salary Schedule on page 77

Kalpa District ID# is 82055, Login ID=Firstname.Lastname, Password is the last 4 digits of your social security #

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